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Sunday, May 10, 2015


So, as I am sure most of you have seen, last week I took a trip to Cheltenham to meet the EtailPR team!

I thought it may be a little worthwhile to tell you a little bit about Etail PR and the blogger network first of all! They are a fashion and beauty focussed digital promotions agency and they run Europe's biggest blogger network! They connect brands with bloggers to create collaborations and content opportunities. To make things even better, the team are very friendly and approachable which always helps! 

So, first of all, when I first arrived I had a little tour of the office and met the team! After working with Etail for quite a few months I was so excited to finally meet them and have a fun day together! We started off by looking over samples that I had received by various brands, including...Blue Vanilla and Orelia Jewellery. I cant wait to share them with you on my next few blog posts! 

We then went for a gorgeous lunch in a pub that only served Thai food, it was unbelievable! Of course, I had to tweet/Instagram a pic! 

And onto my favourite part... my afternoon was spent filming a YouTube Q&A! I cannot wait for the footage to be complete as I answered some questions that I think would be useful for all people looking into starting up a blog! Also for those of you that want to know  more about Etail PR and the blogger network.. (which by the way, is amazing)! 

My day was made even better when a little delivery of flowers arrived from IFlorist! 

It was such a lovely gesture and the flowers were beautiful! I would like to also say a huge thank you to Pete & Katie for making my Etail PR day so special! 

Thanks for reading and look out for my sample posts! 

Lauren-Faye x

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