Friday, June 15, 2018

Hey guys! 

Today I'm talking all things skincare! A few months ago I began to notice that my skin lacked its' usual glow and felt dull, possibly because my diet hadn't been the best - who knows! Coincidentally, I was offered the chance to review a skincare treatment with Health and Aesthetics, based in Elstead - Surrey. As I live locally to the clinic I had always heard various positive reviews through word of mouth and therefore opted for a Hydrafacial, a treatment that had always taken my fancy. If you are reading this thinking, what on earth is a Hydrafacial? Don't worry, I have popped all the information below for you.

I often had regular facial treatments, particularly when I was suffering with acne as a teenager yet, I'd never experienced a hydrafacial. I had always been keen to trial the treatment, particularly as I'd heard about the various benefits associated with the treatment.

From the minute I stepped into the clinic I immediately felt at home, from the bright and airy decor to the approachable and friendly employees. It was clear to me that every client mattered and that for me was something I particularly always look for when I'm visiting somewhere new for the first time.

Initially, I was taken into a treatment room for a consultation, this was my chance to discuss any skin concerns I had and any expectations I had from my treatment. During this time, in order to look further into my skin I was able to use a machine that was actually quite scary as it shows your skin beneath the surface. It was then that I established how red and sensitive my skin really is beneath the surface! Oh, and not to mention how many freckles I actually do have - time to vamp up the SPF!

After the fun, 'science' stuff it was time for my treatment, the therapist was lovely and very informative. As I was given a super helpful factsheet, I didn't feel the need to ask too many questions but my main question was of course, will it hurt?! I was told there may be some sensitivity and discomfort but I didn't actually find this and I have an extremely low pain threshold! The first step of the treatment is a deep exfoliation and a little tool was used to do this,  I actually found this quite relaxing and it tickled me! It really felt as though I was saying goodbye to all of my dead skin cells. After the thorough cleanse and deep exfoliation it was time for the extraction - my least favourite part of any facial but, the most effective part. I wasn't aware of how many blackheads I actually had (gross, but true) therefore I knew my skin would instantly feel a lot smoother after the treatment. The final step was rejuvination using LED lighting - used to reduce redness and stimulate collagen. I found this so relaxing and this part of the treatment took twenty minutes, I think I actually had a little doze!

After my treatment I didn't expect to see a difference straight away and expected a lot of redness. I was genuinely surprised to see how much my skin was glowing and how little redness there was. I could instantly see a difference, my skin looked far more radiant than I ever imagined and I was extremely impressed. The treatment starts from £125 which I know is a lot of money for us girls but honestly it is worth splashing out on if you can save up for it.  As soon as I arrived home my mum noticed the glow immediately and I knew that I had found a new favourite treatment.

I honestly cannot recommend the clinic enough and I will certainly be back in the future. I was given a prescription as I left detailing products that were recommended for my skin and I am actually going to be ordering them in the next few weeks. I have popped a video link below for you to watch the process of a hydrafacial and you can find a full range of treatments on offer at the Health and Aesthetics clinic here.

A video of the Hydrafacial process can be found here.

Thanks for reading,

Lauren-Faye x

I'd also like to say a huge thank you to the clinic and Sparkle PR for the opportunity! x

My Favourite Travel Accessory!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hey guys! 

I am finally back to the blogging world! I had a little break unintentionally as I was dedicating time to filming YouTube videos but I actually missed my first love, a.k.a. my blog. 

Today, I am sharing with you my must-have travel accessory - whether that be for a holiday or a work trip. As you may have noticed by now, I am a lover of all things girlie, sparkly, and OTT. Ahead of a trip to New York, I was kindly gifted the new American Tourister Wavebreaker in Silver and I was absolutely obsessed. Having always been a fan of American Tourister, I knew I would love the case but honestly, it is literally the most ideal suitcase for any form of travel. It is hand luggage size and actually adheres to all airline size restrictions so it's perfect regardless of what company you're travelling with. 

I've noticed as I've grown up that I actually appear to have a million more items to pack than ever before so I certainly make use of taking a suitcase as my hand luggage whenever I travel now! The suitcase retails at £119 and is available here, I can guarantee it is worth every penny! 

It will certainly be accompanying me on a few trips this year!

Thanks for reading,

Lauren - Faye x


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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