Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

If you're like me and have left Father's Day cards / presents etc to the last minute, this guide is for you!

1. Diesel Only the Brave Extreme 

Aftershave is a popular choice for Father's Day and if you already know what aftershave your loved one usually buys then you are halfway there! If you are on the hunt for a last-minute present you are in luck that aftershave is available in many high-street stores. Perfect for that lunch break buy! Boots currently have an offer on Diesel's newest fragrance, Only the Brave Extreme, if you purchase the aftershave you receive a free gift. An even better way of getting in the good books. 

Nothing better than a token gift, right? Available for £9.95 and dispatched within 24 hours there is still time to order online, just! This is definitely the kind of gift I will buy for my dad, although I'm not sure he will actually see the funny side! 

Want to go the extra mile and spoil your loved one this Father's Day? This amazing little invention is every mans idea of heaven! An all in one space to boil eggs, make toast, grill and fry = who says men can't multitask? At £59.95 it is towards the higher end of budget but if that's what you're looking for then this is perfect! 

I know that many of us prefer to make memories rather than buy lots of gifts but I have got you covered! PrezzyBox currently have a two for one deal on a three course meal at London hotspot, Shaka Zula. It even includes a champagne cocktail to make your meal that extra bit special. You are able to order online and have the voucher shipped out the next day! 

Okay, let's face it, we are always looking for ways to make our dads on trend. You cannot go wrong with a pair of desert boots, regardless of the age. New Look have this lovely pair on offer for £24.99 and what's more, you can opt to have them delivered to your nearest store if that is convenient for you! 

A timeless, sophisticated gift. Currently £34.99 from John Lewis, you can be sure to put a smile on their face. Perfect if you are looking for a high-end style piece without the huge price tag. 

For the foodie dad! A little gift, perfect if you are saving the pennies! Available in-store and online. 

Perfect for the active dad! Prepare him for all eventualities with this essential cyclist kit! Just £10 from John Lewis. 

Perfect for the professional dad! A small but practical gift, this stylish holder is set to keep your loved ones business cards in a pristine condition! 

I hope this has been a little useful for you! 

Thanks for reading,

Lauren-Faye x

Journey of a PR Girl is 2!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Where did that time go?! I have decided to do a little Then vs Now post today in celebration of my blogs second birthday!


Okay, so if we take it back to June 2014 when I decided to create my blog, things were a WHOLE lot different! I didn't really know what to expect, I just knew I had a huge passion for the fashion and beauty industry and of course public relations! After many years of contemplating starting a blog, I decided to go for it and give it a little go! 

I began blogging with a normal digital camera, nothing fancy! My mum would take photos for me, (bless her) and I would try and post as frequently as I could. I cringe looking back at the photos now but they're all memories, right? Anyway, the first few months of blogging brought along a whole host of insecurities for me. I remember seeing every other blogger get invited to events and working with amazing brands and I constantly felt disheartened. I would always question what exactly I was doing wrong, whether I should just give up and let it go but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I was working on a placement year with Walt Disney and so I couldn't dedicate as much time to blogging as I would have hoped, but, I continued to spend my weekends shooting and producing content. After a few months I began working with brands and getting invited to a few events here and there, I remember specifically receiving blogger mail from Cocoa Brown Tan and being so happy about it! It soon became apparent that blogging was approaching a whole new level, it became very popular amongst lots of girls and the number of new blogs kept increasing dramatically. Brands began working with more bloggers and it became a 'thing' to work with bloggers. 

After my first year, I was happy with the progress of my blog and the amount of brands I was able to work with. I was still disappointed that I couldn't dedicate more time to it but I was moving on from my placement to the most important year of university, so of course, I had to take a backseat. 


Wow, how things have changed! Firstly, I think the photos have improved a lot (I hope you all agree, ha)! I actually took a while to learn how to edit photos and as you can tell from the 'then' image, I didn't make use of the crop tool! I also used to drive around endlessly trying to find 'quiet' spots for photos but I try and keep the location consistent as much as possible now! 

I never believed that I would have the opportunity to work alongside some amazing brands and bloggers and attend some amazing events! If you had said to me two years ago that I would be attending events with Benefit and Sleek, for example, I would have never believed you! There is a long way that I would still like to go, but I am now able to look ahead and I have some exciting projects lined up in the future that remind me how lucky I am to do something that I love, bringing with it a host of benefits. I have met some lovely bloggers, something which makes blogging all the more enjoyable! I also massively appreciate the support I receive, that's another main factor that keeps me going, particularly if I am being negative about myself / my blog! 

Still to this day, I constantly compare myself to others and put a large amount of pressure on myself. I think there is a high amount of pressure for us bloggers to ensure we have the perfect Instagram 'theme' and such like, something that admittedly stresses me out a little! I am however a firm believer that you should write and photograph things that you like, love and are passionate about. Now I have completed university I have plenty of time to now put all of my efforts into blogging, work my hardest and see where it takes me!

As always, thanks for reading! 

Lauren-Faye x

My May beauty favourites!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Today, I decided to share with you a few beauty products I enjoyed using last month. 

1. L'Oréal Skin Perfection Micellar Water.

I am constantly discussing my problem skin and the fact I used to suffer badly with spot-prone skin. However, if I am honest, I am guilty of getting home late at night and grabbing a face wipe to remove my make-up, for no other reason than the quick and convenient aspect of it. All I want to do after a late night is crawl into bed, but, I also choose to grab a wipe to avoid waking up to make-up under my eyes or even worse, across my pillow. Anyway, after seeing this product in a few magazines and a friends recommendation, I decided I would give it a try! Although I am SO late to the party, I am so glad I did! I chose the L'Oréal  product, over many others in the market, because it is hypo-allergenic and doesn't contain any alcohol. I have found it very easy to remove my make up and it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, there isn't any tightness that I have previously found with other make-up removing products.

This Micellar Water does claim to unblock pores and tone but I purely use this to remove my make-up and continue to use my go-to cleanser and toner in addition. 

2. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. 

I know this has been around for a long time now, but I have only been using it for the past few weeks.  Of course, the taste for me was a motivational factor, I don't think you can beat the smell of bubblegum! Seriously though, my lips have been very dry for a while now, despite using regular lip balms. I have found using this scrub before the application of lip balm has really helped, my dry patches have been removed and it creates the perfect base for applying lipstick or balm.

3. Revlon Lotus Flower All in One Hair Treatment*. 

When it comes to hair treatments, I am always willing to try out different products. I often vary between different companies and different price ranges as I have found that expensive products do not guarantee the best result, and of course, everyones hair is different. I am sure I can speak for us ladies in saying that if we can save money and still get terrific results we will aim to do so!

This product claims to repair dry and damaged hair, protect from heat and protect coloured hair with UVA and UVB filters. Crazy, I know, is there anything it can't do?! After washing my hair I sprayed the product directly onto my hair and then combed through and blow-dried as normal. I have to say, my hair did seem somewhat easier to comb through, something that is usually a bit of a nightmare as my hair is very fine but there is lots of it, and it appeared softer in texture.

I also used on dry hair prior to straightening and again it appeared to look, and feel softer. I also had a noticeable shine so, all in all I will continue to use this product. 

4. AYVA Make-Up Brush*.

"Densely packed with over 100,000 animal free, ultra fine bristles for that flawless application with an airbrush look. " 

AYVA are a UK based company having recently launched their first product, the AO6 brush, ideal for foundation and concealer. Upon application it felt a little odd at first as I hadn't used a product of this type before. I used to always rely on my beauty blender for foundation application but I am a big believer of trying new things! Once I had got used to what movements and motions to use to apply ,(circular and sweeping) I am amazed at the finish look. It creates a completely even look and takes half the time to apply! 

5. Girls With Attitude Eyeshadow Palette*. 

Finally, my current fave eyeshadow palette by the babes at Girls with Attitude! I am a big lover of nude and neutral colours, particularly as I have big brown eyes and so I was very excited to receive this. I am particularly loving how pigmented every shade is and the texture is incredibly soft and silky on the eye. Admittedly, I have been a little useless at blending in the past but this palette appears to blend in perfectly! I have actually used this everyday since I received it and have found that a little definitely goes a long way, so don't worry about it running out within a week! 

Thanks for reading! 

Lauren-Faye x 

Please note, items marked with a star indicate a gifted product but all opinions are 100% honest. 

Floral Focus..

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Todays look focuses on floral prints and creating that perfect summer style. I have always been an avid fan of floral prints, whether that be in the form of trousers, dresses or bomber jackets. I think they are the perfect addition if you are hoping to create a look perfect for summer. 

I personally love a casual, yet stylish look for the summer season. My go-to look is a bomber jacket with jeans and I have styled up my new fave bomber J with this seasons must-have mules! 

This look really is perfect for both casual daytime attire and after-work drinks. Us girls are constantly battling out ways in which we can style up an outfit perfect for both occasions, but I have found this to be perfect! 

Mules are EVERYWHERE this season and New Look really have this trend spot on. With this look in particular, I feel as if they really give the outfit an added pop that creates a stylish yet effortless look. I think this look is perfect for anyone looking to brighten up their summer wardrobe! They are also incredibly comfortable which is an added bonus! 

Bomber Jacket: Available here.
Bodysuit: Available here.
Jeans: Available here.
Mules: Available here.

Thanks for reading,

Lauren-Faye x