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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hi everyone! 

Although I don't travel half as much as I would like to, I do quite often go on overnight stays and weekends away. So you can imagine how excited I was to receive a suitcase from American Tourister

They have a range of fabulous colours and as a result, I chose the Airforce 1 cabin luggage spinner in gradient pink with its eye catching ombre look. With the added bonus that the boyfriend is very unlikely to want to borrow it, ha!

Anyway! I took it for its first outing to my friends for an overnight stay at the seaside. As always, it was impossible for me to travel 'light' with one outfit or one washbag - instead I pack almost everything I can think of. As you can see from the amount of items I packed, there is an amazing amount of space! I really found that the added features of the mesh divider, and zipped compartment to stop everything flying around on route really did make travelling that little bit easier. If you're like me and constantly travelling with lots of little bits and bobs the zip pockets are super handy alongside the elastic cross ribbons to secure your stuff. I'm not sure about you guys but having a case with four wheels is SO much easier to transport especially if you are walking around a lot - it makes it very easy to dash in and out of an airport / train station / bus! Gone are the days of dragging around a suitcase on two wheels! 

The handle easily slides in and out and with two adjustable heights for added comfort you can wave goodbye to sore arms and shoulders! And for those of you who travel abroad frequently I've got you covered with the practical stuff....It comes with a built-in TSA combination lock and meets the IATA recommendations to be taken on board an aircraft. In terms of sizing, it is 50x40x20cm and weighs 2.60kg / 5.73lbs and comes with a 3 year warranty. Very precise I know!

Honestly though, I cannot wait for my next trip away so I can make the most of this little beauty! I would strongly recommend you checking them out, they are worth the small investment! 

Also, I want to mention my gorgeous black Chloe style bag from Joy! It is absolutely perfect for everyday use and super stylish at the same time, I love the tassel detail!

Anyway, enough of me rambling! Thanks so much for reading!

Lauren - Faye x

Coco Loco by Lee Stafford!

Friday, August 12, 2016

                                                                               Hey everyone! 

I wanted to share with you a review feature after an intimate blogger event I recently attended. It was hosted by hair guru Lee Stafford to celebrate the new additions to his CoCo LoCo range. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it is inspired by everything coconut. 

Coconut oil is up there on my key items list, whether that be in the kitchen or in the bathroom! It contains essential proteins that nourish and repair skin, hair and nails. Hence why Lee has produced a range with coconut as a base product that nourishes, repairs and penetrates, which in-turn prevents damage and moisturises hair. I am a little obsessed with the scent of these products and they remind me of my fave suntan oil – Hawaiian Tropic, so of course, the range was already a winner for me. 

1. CoCo LoCo Dry Shampoo

Now, in all honesty, I would never have brought this product as usually I stick with Batiste for light brown hair, but I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I have to say I loved how it made my hair feel, I have particularly oily hair and so dry shampoo is an absolute necessity for me. I used to have to wash my hair daily but this product contains a very light powder that appears to be gentle on the scalp yet very absorbent on the roots. It didn’t look grey or dull as some dry shampoos do and it is a life saver if I’m having a lazy hair day. If you are looking for a product that makes your hair smell and look great, I would advise purchasing this! 

2. CoCo LoCo Mousse

Again, I’m going to be honest, I am not a fan of mousse and rarely use it myself. I am yet to find one that does everything that I want from a mousse but I went ahead and used this product several times. It certainly gave me volume but annoyingly my hair felt sticky after blow-drying and looked a little greasy at the roots. However, this may have been because I have oily hair anyway so it may have just been that it didn’t match my hair type. So for this reason I wouldn’t purchase this product for myself but if you are a fan of hair mousse I would definitely give this a try! I would love to know how you get on! It also smells great so that is a bonus. 

3. CoCo LoCo Hairspray

Well, let’s face it, hairspray is a key product in every girls getting ready essentials from everything to slick hair or everyday styling. This product gave me a long lasting hold and felt soft to the touch – unlike some other hairsprays I have tried in the past. Again, this product smells great which is obviously an encouraging factor. I love the fact it is formulated with UV absorbers so you can guarantee that even in the brightest of sunlight your hair is protected. A must for this time of the year especially! 

4. CoCo LoCo Light Serum Spray 

Although I have oily roots I have very dry ends, mainly due to colouring and heat styling. I am a little bit rubbish at looking after my hair so I always opt for a serum or suchlike to give my hair a little boost. This product is very light and similarly to most serums can be applied to both wet or dry hair. I found that my hair was a little shiny and definitely felt a lot softer, I could tell I had added a nourishing product to the ends. I have to say out of all the products the serum is my favourite, alongside the dry shampoo, and I feel they are a great combination together! So for me girls, this is a must-buy product. 

If any of you are planning to try the new collection I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Thanks for reading, 

Lauren - Faye x

A nostalgic trip to Chessington World of Adventures!

Monday, August 01, 2016

Good afternoon! 

My boyfriend and I recently visited Chessington World of Adventures for a little day out!  We both used to visit the theme park many times as children and every time the advert popped up on television we would reminisce about the good old days! I remember the classic Beano- Land, Bubble Works and of course the Zoo, but Zack and I decided we wanted to visit again and I decided a review-style feature would be perfect.


In terms of attractions, there are a wide variety suitable for both children and young adults, it really provides a fun day out suitable for the whole family. If you are a thrill seeker like myself then you will be in your element on the following rides; Ramesis Revenge, Dragons Fury, Vampire Ride, The Cobra and Rattlesnake.

I felt like an excited child all day, I couldn't wait to get onto the next ride and that is one thing I love about Chessington, the atmosphere is very fun! We were extremely lucky in that the weather was warm and sunny and so we made full use of the water ride, Dragon Falls. Admittedly, Zack was ten times more keen than I was, I think I was more worried about walking around soaking wet for the day. Aint' no girl got time for walking around with wet hair! Having said that, it was one of my favourite rides! I absolutely loved it.

During the day, we also decided to have a little go on the funfair style stalls! Me being me, I wanted to win a cuddly toy - don't ask me why, I just wanted to take one home! Zack stepped up and won me a yellow duck, it cost £4 to play but we won quite a large toy and so I would say it was worth the money. Luckily, there a quite a few stalls that offer a prize everytime that are perfect for parents wanting to avoid disappointed children!

Queue Times:

As our visit was during term-time we thought it would be super quiet, surprisingly though it was relatively busy! There were a large number of school trips so we were a little apprehensive about the queuing durations. The maximum queue time on our day of visit was 30 minutes, we were more than happy with that and it soon flew by.

Luckily, the Chessington app came in very handy! It offers live-time queue times and ride closure updates which are perfect when navigating around the park. We both downloaded it before we arrived and it was so much easier than running around trying to find the queue times for everything. I would advise downloading it before you arrive so you can keep up to date with any ride queues and closures!

Food and Drink: 

You really are spoilt for choice, especially if you are a foodie like me! We actually took lunch with us but then Zack being Zack decided he wanted to buy a meal from the fried chicken restaurant. I tried some and it was lovely but at almost £7 for a meal it could turn out pricy for a family!

Obviously, we couldn't resist the donut counter and we brought five donuts (yes, I did just admit that) but they were heavenly. I think overall it is best to take a picnic style lunch with you, especially if you have a large family as it will get quite pricy otherwise. 

If you are on the hunt for something to do over the summer then I would advise taking a lil' trip to Chessington!

Thanks for reading,

Lauren-Faye x