Clarins Must-Have!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster!

*Three little drops to sun-kissed skin*

Okay, so I had to do a little post on this absolute must-have! 

According to Clarins, this is the first ever self-tanning innovation from the Clarins laboratories. It is so simple to use, you simply just mix your regular day or night cream to gradually develop natural-looking bronzed skin! The 99.8% natural formula means that if you suffer from sensitive skin (like me) you can still use it for a perfectly healthy glow! This product has completely changed my facial tanning routine for the better, no more patchy areas! I honestly think this product is something special! 

How to apply:

- Apply 1-3 drops onto exfoliated skin, and add your usual moisturiser and mix together in the palm of your hand. 
- Apply evenly to face and neck.
- Wash hands thoroughly after application. 
- Repeat as often as you like depending on how dark you would like your tan to be! 


- Very subtle - it does exactly as it promises to do (sun-kissed skin).
- It is unscented which is a bonus - no biscuit fake tan smell!
- The bottle is tiny but very cost effective as only a few drops are needed at a time!
- Perfect for sensitive skin as you can use your own moisturiser alongside it meaning you do not need to worry about testing out new moisturisers!

My top tips:

- I would advise to apply 3 drops for a deep tan or just 1-2 drops for a natural glow. 
- Apply it before bed and you will be surprised at how quickly you see the results.

We all love the bronzed look, so what better way to gain a healthy glow than with this product? I would love to hear your comments if anyone has also tried it!

Thanks for reading, 

Lauren-Faye x

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