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Saturday, May 21, 2016

University = complete! 

Where did the past four years go?! The past few weeks have been extremely challenging for me, I really had to dedicate my time towards writing my dissertation instead of blogging. I just cannot believe I have finished university forever! I was lucky enough to have a great university experience, meeting some great friends along the way. 

I studied Public Relations (PR) as it was always a field that I wanted to get into, ever since I was around 13. Sounds cliche, but very true! I thoroughly enjoyed it, although it was very different to what I expected! I certainly didn't expect to cover economics and politics during my first year! Can you imagine me doing politics? Didn't think so!! 

In terms of actual uni life, I feel I have changed quite a lot as a person over the years. During first year, I loved the whole uni life; meeting new people, going out, just about making it in for lectures! I remember being incredibly nervous to meet my flatmates and I certainly had no idea how I was going to cope fending for myself! I remember my mum driving down just to help me and my flatmates with our first wash - hilarious looking back! Thanks mum! Next was 'Leggit' the challenge to travel as far away as possible from uni without paying a single penny, all for charity! We made it to France but it was a seriously testing experience, sleeping on the streets was an experience I won't forget! It is fair to say that I adapted to uni life very quickly, something that I am aware doesn't happen to everyone! 

By second year, it became a little more serious. I realised that the work actually counted for something and I found myself struggling to get the grades I had hoped for. I began staying in more and swapping a few nights out for nights in - something I seemed to adapt too, very quickly. However, my experience was spoilt a little when my uni house developed severe damp and I became quite poorly with chest infections. I was at home quite a lot and the more time I spent at home the less I wanted to go back to uni! Admittedly, I became quite anxious, I am not really sure where it stemmed from, maybe the OCD I had as a teenager caused it to develop. (Something I have not yet discussed on my blog). Anyway, by the end of the year I managed to just get a 2:1 (thankfully)! I feel moving forward I became motivated to work harder and improve as a person. Particularly with confidence, I think because I am quite chatty people assume I am really confident but I am actually not! 

As you know, I was lucky enough to carry out a placement with Walt Disney during third year - an opportunity I will be forever grateful for! I have to say, I enjoyed every minute of it. Although it was very busy and sometimes stressful, I got to meet some amazing people and got to work on some fantastic films. It was during that year that I met my boyfriend, something which I didn't realise at the time would change my final year experience! 

Upon returning back to uni for my final year, I became a different person. My friends and I swapped nights out for nights in, something I loved. I am a sucker for a night in with my pjs on, it actually became a joke amongst my friends that I practically lived in my white dressing gown! I feel there is such a stereotype that you have to go out every night but I think it is important to mention, it really isn't the be all and end all.  I found it important to concentrate on my work, after all I hadn't come that far to not get my degree! When I wasn't devoting my time to work, I enjoyed spending time with my friends and my boyfriend. I also became far less concerned with what others thought of me, a big achievement for me, especially in comparison to second year. 

I definitely had a few hurdles along the way and times where I really wanted to drop out and stay home, but I am SO glad I stuck it out. I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life, dedicating all my time to my blog! Something I have wanted to do for ages and now I finally have the time! 

Facts about my uni experience: 

- I avoided uni at all costs if it was raining (drama queen)!
- I survived final year without a single all-nighter..(a big achievement)! 
- I worked as a club promoter in my first year - a job that SO many students do! 
- I had to get my flatmates to help me change my bedding - did I really just admit that?
- I was too afraid to start my blog until my placement year as I was too scared about what people would think! 
- Napping is SERIOUSLY underrated. 

Things I learnt along the way:

- I can actually cook things other than pasta! 
- I am surprisingly good at budgeting! 
- Networking is key. 
- Don't be afraid to ask for help - especially when it comes to assignments. 
- You cannot beat home comforts!
- There is always someone worse off in life (cliche, but very, very true)!

Thanks for reading!

Lauren-Faye x

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  1. Congratulations! And you did it at the same time as your blog - such an amazing achievement! x