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Monday, September 21, 2015

Afternoon girls!

Yesterday, I made the trip back to Bournemouth to begin my final year of university. I am ridiculously nervous for the workload ahead but, I will of course continue blogging! I wanted to share with you some of my university fashion must-haves!

This 'Office City Bag' by Zara is perfect for university! I recently purchased it and it has more than enough room for all of my necessities! It is a classic black bag and of course, it will suit any outfit! It is available here for £39.99. 

This 'Ingrid Camel Wool' coat by Pretty Little Thing is perfect for those annoying walks to uni! I am still loving camel and I have a very similar coat that I will wear when it gets a little colder! It is available here for £45.

You cannot go wrong with a classic pair of black boots! These are an absolute bargain from discounted online retailer,  Love Shoeaholics. They are by Nine West but are now just £39 online!  Check them out here

If you're like me and really feel the cold during winter, a shawl/poncho is just what you need! They are perfect to compliment casual outfits and even better for snuggling on the sofa! It's just £20 available here

If any of you are starting university this week - good luck! 

Thanks for reading,
Lauren-Faye x

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