Lash Extensions...My Experience!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hi girls! 

Earlier last week I visited Agnes Dos Santos salon in Kensington for a full-set of lash extensions! I decided to share my experience with you as I have previously been so indecisive about whether I wanted them, I'm hoping it will help answer any questions you may have.

The salon itself is extremely popular and renown for expertise within the lash industry. When I was approached to visit the salon, I researched it thoroughly and really thought about my decision. I know it sounds silly, but I have lovely long eyelashes and I have always been wary about having any form of treatment on them as I was panicking at the thought of ruining them. 

I had a patch test 24 hours before my treatment and this included application of a few lashes - just to see whether I had an allergic reaction. The ladies in the salon are very friendly and extremely professional, I felt welcome the moment I walked in! After approximately 20 minutes my patch test was complete and I was free to go - super quick and easy!

After a discussion on the different types of lashes available, I opted for the 'Feather' lashes to create a volumizing, yet natural look. As you can see in the before photos, my natural lashes have a few gaps in them but I had never actually noticed this before and although they are long they never curl.

The procedure itself was very relaxing, I even had a heated blanked under my back which was a lovely touch. I didn't really feel much which actually pleasantly surprised me as I thought it may be painful or irritating - needless to say I panicked for no reason! As you can see in the below photos, patches are placed on top of your lower lashes throughout, again this was completely comfortable and pain-free.

After an hour and a half (and a cheeky nap) my lashes were complete, and I can honestly say I don't think I can ever be without them now! It feels so strange to wake up in the morning with my eyes ready to go! I love how full they are but the best thing is they don't feel heavy and weigh my eyes down. I seriously do not know how I went so long without them!

So, you're not supposed to wear makeup for at least 24-48 hours and if you choose too, it should be water-based rather than oil-based. I have still not worn any mascara on my lashes and have only worn water-based eyeliner if I really felt it to be necessary. I have also brushed them daily with the little lash brush just to keep them in tip-top condition. So far, so good - I am a week in and haven't noticed any difference in the lashes! 

Prices for a full-set of lash extensions start at £70 and increase depending on the technicians experience and the type of lash you go for. I would highly recommend the Feather lashes as they are extremely lightweight and achieve the perfect voluminous look.

If you are looking for a professional service with amazing results I would highly recommended visiting the salon - I promise you will not regret it! 

Anyway, I think I have covered everything but if you have any questions then please feel free to ask me! I can honestly say having lash extensions was the best idea I had - I don't think I could be without them now. I can't wait to visit Agnes Dos Santos again!

Thanks so much for reading!

Lauren-Faye x

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