OLAPLEX: My Experience

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Us girls are always looking for new ways to look after our hair, right? Well, last week I was introduced to a product named Olaplex, by my favourite local salon, Glo, which, I believe you all NEED to try for yourself! I had previously heard of the name, but I wasn't sure exactly what it was. I decided to carry out further research on the product and discovered that it is exactly what Kimmy K used to reconstruct her hair when she transformed from black to blonde. 

Olaplex is a product used to reconstruct the hairs bonds that are damaged due to extreme colour, heat damage or general environmental aggressors. It works from the inside out to strengthen, condition and reconnect the hair strand structure. It can be added on to any service, it can be mixed with colour or can be used to reconstruct the hair after a cut. I usually go to Glo for a blow-dry and so I had it done beforehand, I was particularly keen to try it as my hair is very dry and damaged from colouring. 

The process before the blow-dry took approximately 50 minutes. It begun with step one, which was placed all over my hair. The Bond Multiplying System can essentially be used as a 'reset' button for the hair, it allows the hair to re-build the strength and structure. It can be used either before or after a colour and mine was left to soak for 20 minutes, so naturally whilst I was waiting I tucked into cornflake cake bites and a lovely cuppa!

Step two was then applied and a clear film was placed on top to allow it to soak in for ten minutes (stylish look btw)! Step two contains the same active ingredients as step one, but it works deeper on the hairs bonds.  It was actually a very relaxing experience, I as able to sit back, read a few magazines and obviously, browse Instagram whilst I was waiting.

I wasn't sure whether or not I would notice a big difference with the before and after, but I was pleasantly surprised. My hair felt a lot stronger and thicker, and it really emphasised the blonde in my hair. I would definitely recommend Olaplex to my friends and family, it has made a huge difference on my hair, as you can see from the below before and after images.

As you can see, the blonde really stands out and my hair looks in a much better condition. Glo is the only local salon to me (Surrey) that offers Olaplex and I have the best experience everytime I visit! Definitely check them out. My blow-dry was by Bianca, who I can highly recommend. 

Thanks for reading,

Lauren-Faye x