What's in my make up bag?

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Okay ladies, so if you're anything like me you are constantly trying new make up products and wondering what other girls are using! So, I decided to do a post purely on what contents are in my make up bag!

Make up has always been an important part of my life - don't get me wrong I always have days without it but I suffered with acne as a teenager and so I was constantly trying new products to attempt to cover it up! Although, when I was 16 I was lucky enough to have IPL laser treatment on my face to diminish the scarring. Since then, I have tried endless foundations, mascaras and lipsticks but at the moment I am happy with my choice of products!

Primer: L'OREAL 'Lumi Magique' - I find this product really gives me an even glow whilst covering up any redness.

Foundation: My daytime foundation is Clinique's Even Better and at night I use MAC's Studio Sculpt.

Concealer: I use a Sleek cosmetics concealer and highlighter, a MAC concealer and I also have a Bobbi Brown concealer but I do not use them all at the same time - I usually just pick whatever I fancy on the day!

Blusher: I use a Rimmel blusher and have done for quite some time now!

Powder: MAC Studio Fix

Contour products: MAC beauty balm and 'elumineur' highlighter.

Eyebrows: Sleek Cosmetics

Mascara: I use a Chanel mascara and a Rimmel mascara together.

Eyeliner: Benefit 'They're Real' push-up liner - it is amazing!

Eyelashes: I usually use Eylure number 107's but I also love MAC lashes.

Eyeshadow palette: MAC - this was quite pricey but it is such an investment - such a range of gorgeous colours!

Lipsticks: My 'going-out' fave is MAC, my daytime fave is Bourjois and my everyday lip balm is a Collection 2000 lipstick balm.

I also think it is so important to clean your brushes and so I use a MAC brush cleanser.

The variety of products I have listed are my top make up items! It may look as if I am obsessed with MAC but I was lucky enough to receive a MAC voucher that came with a makeover so I was able to save a lot on all of the products - thankfully! It makes a perfect gift for Christmas if you are unsure what to ask for!
A £50 voucher comes with either a makeover or a make up lesson! I know I will be asking Santa for the same present again this year!

Thanks for reading,

Lauren- Faye x

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